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Technology, Business & Home Solutions

We provide technology and business solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations (for business owners, management, boards, staff, volunteers and interns), mobile professionals, home offices, and families (from children to grandparents).

1.  Full-Service Computer-Related Solutions (from selecting products to installing them, including training for end users and troubleshooting and resolving issues).  Includes support for computers, tablets, smartphones; home entertainment solutions; virus and spyware troubleshooting; backup solutions; wireless Internet, networking; synchronized access to messages and other data on phones, computers, and tablets; and more.

2.  Design and Management of Websites.

3.  Cloud-based Solutions and Management of Email Systems for Businesses with single and multiple locations.

4.  Wireless Solutions for computers, tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices for listening to music on wireless speakers and using mobile devices to wirelessly display and control presentations, music, photos, and videos.

5.  Business Survival and Personal Digital Media Protection.  Data backup and recovery of critical financial data, business documents, digital photos, music, videos, and other important digital data.

6.  Home Entertainment Solutions.  Includes setting up TVs that need to be connected to the Internet, Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TV apps, listening to music in new ways, wireless speakers, using tablets and phones as TV remote controls, and more.

7.  Technology Planning and Implementation.  Includes everything from assisting organizations and individuals in understanding what they have and need; developing technology plans; how to plan budgets for technology requirements; how to protect technology assets (physical equipment, software, data -- financial records, documents, digital photos, videos, etc.); how to protect critical data so that a business survives; and trends, vendor policies and directions, and changing technology practices in areas such as privacy and security.  Nonprofit organizations, students, teachers, and families can save hundreds and thousands of dollars by planning and purchasing technology products in the best possible ways.